What does it mean "networking"? It means thematic collaboration/cooperation between partners. It means saving money and time and also easy communication. Advantages of network member institutions are among others: no obligations, no bureaucratic administration, no participation fee, free choice for being involved in projects. International Network in Sport and Health Science (INSHS) is a perfect example for a good functioning higher education thematic network. It was established in 2005 by the Institute of Sport Science of University of West- Hungary (former Berzsenyi College) Szombathely (Hungary). UWH is still the co-ordinator institute of it. We have 28 member institutes from 21 countries from all around the Europe, but the number of participant institutions are growing and INSHS is going to be open for universities outside of Europe as well. The members are HEI's which are involved in sport and health sciences. INSHS is open, innovative network on the field of sport and health sciences.

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