Main Tasks

            1.     Improving any kind of cooperation/collaboration activities among the involved higher education  institutes (HEi's)

2.     Enabling formal project partnerships in areas or disciplines that are shared by different HEi's members of the network. These are:

§   Common degrees, curriculum development - BSc, MSc, PhD

§   Staff and student mobility - Erasmus and other

§   Common research projects

§   Common grant applications

§   Publications

§   Meetings (workshops/seminars) , intensive programmes

§   Conferences, other scientific events

§   Praxis (Leonardo)

§   Camps (skiing, water, tourism etc.

§   Others


3.     Encourage international co-operation in the field of movement and kinetics in Sport Science

4.     Stimulate and assist sport kinetics research and its practical application

5.     Co-operate with other international organisations, institutions, and assemblies to improve information exchange and raise the level of scientific research in the areas of interest

6.     Integrate interdisciplinary co-work with the representatives of a allied sciences

7.     Promote and support young scientists in the mentioned fields

8.     Initiate and organise the international exchange of information and publication as well as international conferences, congresses, and meetings


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