Membership is institutional. Membership of scientific institutions and organisations are possible.

Institutions which have identified themselves through their scientific and practical work in the field of Movement, Sport Science and Health Science can become a membe

To become an INSHS member is an easy process: the representative of  the candidate institute has to be present  at least at one INSHS convention and to sign a formal Joining Agreement.  The participation on the yearly meetings is not compulsory for the member institutes. It is everybody's free decision to take part or not to take part in the convention.  The institutes do usually make serious efforts to manage the necessary financial background to be able to participate in the meetings, which is very much appreciated. Their efforts to remain  involved  in this network could be considered as the statement of their motivation for being part of INSHS. An INSHS member is considered as those universities which have already participated in at least on one of the conventions. The effectiveness of INSHS is demonstrated by the many successful and constructive meetings, international projects, events and also the growing number of participants at each convention, among others. The institutions are represented by colleagues, the academic staff of the different institutes independent of their academic status and qualification. In many cases these are not the leaders of the department/faculty/institute. At the closing session of each meeting/convention the representatives of each institutes have signed the "Closing Declaration" of each convention and the new members has signed - as mentioned - a formal so called "Joint Declaration".

Those institutions which do not attend twice after each other at the yearly INSHS convention will be automatically cancelled from the network.

 The constitution of INSHS

 The Joining Agreement

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